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    Henry Levano

    Henry Levano

      Hello my name is Henry Levano and I’m a physical therapist assistant, I’ve always had an interest in biology and in sports I was lucky to find that I could apply these passions of mine’s in a line of work when I encountered the profession of physical therapy. I really enjoy what I do and Its an added bonus that I can also help people simply by applying what I know.
      As a physical therapist assistant I feel very involved in the rehabilitation and education process of all patients, this is something that drives me to constantly learn more and become a better therapist. I’ve now worked in several different settings including a nursing home, and a sports therapy setting, I’ve worked with children, the elderly and everything in between and I find that I really enjoy variety and new challenges.
      Being a physical therapist assistant is something that has fulfilled me on a personal and a professional level, it is a profession I look forward to practice everyday.

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