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Na Wang

Na Wang

She has been working in the acupuncture filed since 2011 . She earned her master ‘s degree from New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine , where she completed the intensive,3 year Master of Science of Acupuncture program. Her studies included several different styles of acupuncture and needle technique ,moxibustion , herbology ,diagnosis and treatment of disease , anatomy, physiology, clinical science, Tuina Chinese medical massage , Eastern and Western nutrition, cupping, gua sha ,tai chi , and qigong. She was the only student who was awarded Academic Excellence Award–student carrying a minimum of 36 credits who have achieved a GPA of 4.0 in a calendar year ! During her years of clinical internships , she helped hundreds of patients at Gouvenier hospital and specialized in pain management after joints replacement surgeries and post strokes.She treated the patients extremely well and always make sure to ask if they are comfortable and how they feel after a treatment.

She also treats patients who are in chronic pain ( most commonly: lower back pain , knee pain , neck and shoulder pain, feet pain .)She focuses on : sports medicine, fertility, women’s issues, allergies. Anyone who is in pain or need of relaxation and de-stressing ! One of the reasons why the patients love her treatments so much is also because she had over six years of teaching experiences when she was in China , which contributed to her abilities of patience , kindness and responsibility!

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Na Wang - Licensed Acupuncturist in Bayside, Queens, NY